LONDON RAG was founded on the premise that self-expression through fashion shouldn’t only be available to those who can afford it. Self-Expression should be available to everyone, everywhere. so, we created LONDON RAG in our basement near old street in london, where we set out on a mission to provide constantly evolving style to everyone who chooses to show it.

The mission of LONDON RAG runs deeper than beautiful clothing. We are rooted in empowerment and equality – with the mission of giving everyone access to creativity and self-expression through their wardrobe.

Our products range from sleek collections of exclusive dresses to chic shoes and bags, with the goal of allowing our customers to complete any outfit with ease. We strive to serve the entire spectrum of young women by offering a wide variety of styles in our products. Sophisticated, Edgy, Uplifting and trendy, here at the LONDON RAG family we can nurture your every fashion need.

LONDON RAG was created for everyone. We’re inclusive. we’re global. we’re sweeping and without exception. We are the clothing brand that is for every single person, regardless of your age, shape, or color. LONDON RAG stands for unity. LONDON RAG stands for Self-Esteem. LONDON RAG stands for self-expression, in any and all ways.