Look Stylish and Feel Comfortable In London Rag Sandals

Look Stylish and Feel Comfortable In London Rag Sandals

We all adore ourselves some fashionable pair of sandals, be it platform sandals, slip on sandals, low heeled sandals, or party metallic sandals. Footwear sure does change the whole ball game of the outfit and can make or break a fit. Now there, we all love our high heel, sexy sandals, but there comes a point where we just want to be relaxed and still look chic. With spring around the corner, we’re all leaning towards quirky, stylish, yet comfortable wear.

At London Rag, we are all about keeping you on the trend wagon where you also express your personal aesthetic through styling. And with new seasons come a different wardrobe depending on the weather and temperature drop. With now the temp rising a bit, we are looking forward to a more alluring and expressive wardrobe that offers more versatility and options when it comes to styling.

Often style has been associated with uncomfortable styles that look absolutely stunning which puts forth the perception that style can only be achieved when you put yourself out of your comfort zone. To challenge this notion, we bring forward some of our eccentric and fashionable styles that will make sure that you keep feeling stylish and comfortable the whole night and not compromise your fit in any way whatsoever!

The flat sandals are chic and sophisticated yet have a charm with the metallic chain detail which accentuates the overall look of the sandals. They are the perfect summer sandals to have and are also great transition shoes that go from day to evening and make you look stylish at all times. The flat sandals are also quite versatile which makes them easy to style and make really fashionable go-to footwear when in doubt. You can pair these with some lovely long neutral trousers and a fitted white top with some accentuating gold jewelry to give you a light academia aesthetic fit that is Pinterest-worthy. It’s all in the details and we believe the gold accents on the flat footwear would complement well with the jewelry!

The fad of wearing socks with sliders has been high on the rise and we cannot deny that it looks extremely quirky and stylish. Our Minata Platform Buckled Slide Sandals are sure to elevate your summer sandals closet with the tinted upper body which exhibits the summer and spring vibe beautifully. The slide sandals are comfortable to wear as well with soft padded insoles that cut strain. Sliders are the perfect way to slide into this new season! Pair them with some fun shorts from londonrag.com! To make things interesting pair it with a graphic tee to bring some quirky and fun aesthetic to the platter. Some printed socks to go with the sliders would also pair well with the graphic tee and a small baguette is sure to turn some heads your way. And of course, some chic sunnies would just be the cherry on top and fit right in the upcoming season!

The strappy sandals are one of the Y2K comeback trends and seem to be still the rage, and can we blame it? It’s alluring whilst also being quirky and looks gorgeous in vibrant, bright colors that definitely help an outfit pop out! The flat heeled sandals would look lovely paired with skirts, shorts, and summer dresses. They are ideal for a lunch date or brunch and even just to head out shopping with your friends. The lightly cushioned insole make them a comfortable wear and the ankle strap secures feet well. The sandals would definitely pair well with London Rag dresses, tops, pants, and more! Head on to londonrag.com to look for some outfit options! A pretty maxi dress or a midi dress would make a great outfit combo and look quite delish as a fit!

Platforms have been trending for quite a while, and a style we see going on for a long time with its elevating feature and versatility that is stylish. The flatforms are simply beautiful with the printed woven straps that have a bohemian chic aesthetic and exhibit a sophisticated grunge vibe which is very hipster. These will pair well with some sassy outfits such as a faux leather skirt, and a black top. London Rag coord sets would also pair beautifully with these platform sandals. This era is all about being expressive unapologetically, so just embrace your true personality and let it shine through your fits!

Strap up, cuz these strappy sandals are sure to get you in the mood for a wild time! The alluring heeled sandals are trendy, tasty, and extremely chic with the gorgeous strap up detail that you can style in several ways for varied looks that all look nothing less of top-tier vogue material! So, hop onto the trend with us! You can pair these gorgeous beauties with a gorgeous short dress or a skirt so you can flaunt your legs with the stunning strap up detail of the footwear that will accentuate your legs and make you look nothing short of sexy and chic! For more options in color or style variations of the strap up sandals, head to londonrag.com!

The colorful sandals are quirky, chic, and all things fun with the tie dye effect that is right in the current maximalist trend. The heeled sandals are sure to upgrade a basic outfit or complement a maximalist fit with their eye-catchy colorful allure. If styled right, the sandals are sure to look mesmerizing! Our recommendation would be to pair it with a monotone coord set to really let the platform sandals have their hero moment! They would also look lovely with a long summer dress!

There now, you have some of our comfortable and stylish footwear that is sure to make this 2023 spring summer a joyful and chic experience filled with fun frolicking in the most stylish outfits! For more styles, color variations, and more check out londondrag.com!