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      Shoes make all the difference in an outfit and can make quite an impact when you style it right. It is known that your shoes make the first impressions and London Rag is here to make sure you make a strong one that will keep you memorable forever. Our variety in design, colors, construction, and style is immense which means you have ample options for literally all your clothing and outfits. We have heels of various styles like a spool, creative heel, wedge heel, and more, platform heels, flats, ballerinas, boots, loafers, mules in different heel heights, sneakers in different variations, and collections of each style that will leave your mind boggled. Be it a dress, jeans, trousers, skirts or any outfit, we have a pair for each. Quilted, strappy heels, boho aesthetic, and more such fun creative heels are also available, that elevates a casual or simplistic look.