Dress Like Your Drink

Can’t go out at night for drinks with friends like before? COVID-19 has definitely brought about challenges in all aspects of our life and that includes our social life. But, 2020 fashion has left us bit more smart and innovative. Now, if you’re the type that goes out regularly with friends, allow us to turn that front upside down – London Rag presents: “Dress like the drink”! Instead of dressing for the night, use your favorite cocktail you make at home to share when friends come over for a night in as inspiration for you next outfits. 2020 fashion has left us a bit more smart and innovative. We know how to juggle up clothes amidst lockdown and do something new with already something in the cupboard. However, London Rag is here with the latest in style clothes, bringing you the best of apparel, shoes, and accessories that are in fashion. We have here 3 cute outfits that goes with these 3 winter cocktails. Have fun, get creative safely at home during the pandemic.

1 Gin & Appletiser

Image source: Fuss free flavours

Inspired by the unique addition of cranberry ice cubes to this classy Christmas drink, we took the soft and warm color palette and translated into something that might just take your outfit to the next level.

2 Eggnog

Image source: Simply Recipes

You can never go wrong with sipping on eggnog by the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. In that case, you can also never go wrong with lightening the colors of your outfit with beige. A true match of colors with this pairing!

3 Black Russian Cocktail

Image source: BBC Good Food

The bitter yet dessert-like taste of a black Russian is cherry on top of meal with friends and family. As much as we love this after-meal treat, we think you’ll look as bold and strong with these pieces – so add them to your cart just in time for the holidays!

Stay ahead and make heads turn and keep checking London Rag for latest in clothes fashion and in style shoes.