How To Amp Up Your Basic Tshirts

How To Amp Up Your Basic Tshirts

There isn’t a single person who does not own a basic t shirt. Be it any color, a basic tee is comfortable, timeless, and arguably boring. We disagree with the boring, of course, because there is SO much you can do with a basic t shirt, it’s almost to the point of innumerable. A basic t shirt is perfect for when you want to look effortlessly fashionable while being most relaxed. Also, it’s great as a styling element, its versatility allows you to be max experimental which is a fun process altogether. So, if you’re looking for crazy, fun, and chic ways to style that basic t shirt lying in the corner of your wardrobe, read on!

A white t shirt is the most versatile and can be paired with literally anything with a few hacks and styling. Be it pants, a skirt, shorts, even a dress. You can of course pair your t shirt with some basic denim jeans, add a denim jacket if it’s early fall, and some white sneakers for a basic, casual fit. Now, that is a fit you can wear daily and if you want simplicity and comfort. Check out some of these pieces from London Rag to make this simple fit a bit more fun!

Now if you’re looking to amp it up, you can instead pair it with some printed pants for a bit of a pop and fun to your fit and pair it with a mini bag and mules for a Y2K fit which is a bit more refined. You could also add a bucket hat. This is a casual summer fit that is trendy, stylish, and lively.

Your basic graphic t shirts can be so much more than just that. Pair them up with a co ord trousers high waist short and a blazer for a semi casual fit. The outfit would be chic, classy, and bold, pair it with boots or sneakers, and voila!

The wondrous things about t shirts is that they make great pairing elements with almost anything and everything. If you have a slip dress or a strappy sundress and want to dress it a bit modestly, you can pair it with a basic tee underneath. It helps the dress pop out a bit more and also lets you be comfortable. This style of dressing is quite popular in South Korean fashion.

Oversized t shirts are comfortable, easy and breathable. And something else they are good as is being a dress. Oversized t shirts are a mood, and if styled right, can make quite an intriguing impression on people. You can wear it with knee high boots, and fishnet stockings, and pair it with boots, and running shoes. The outfit is relaxed, cool, and fun. If the length is not enough, you can pair it with some ripped denim shorts for a fun, chic fit!

If you’re looking for a fit that is sexy and fun but still comfortable, wear your basic tee underneath a bustier, corset, or bralette. The outfit is sexy and chic, and is a nod to the Y2K fashion. You can pair it with trousers, shorts, even denim jeans. Flat sandals if you’re wearing shorts, and high heels if you want to elongate your posture.