NYFW 2022: Trends That Take Us To 2023!

NYFW 2022: Trends That Take Us To 2023!

The New York Fashion Week 2022 was a blast, to say the least! Amazing collections and celebrity looks that we just can’t stop drooling over. From Bella Hadid’s impeccable performance and walk in the sprayed-on dress to Travis Barker’s mind-blowing performance at Tommy Hilfiger, the fashion week really swept us off our feet. We also got a memorable look by Anne Hathway nodding to her ‘Devil Wears Prada’ look which brought back a ton of fashion fever moments and Kim Kardashian strutting (and jumping lol) in Fendi was a moment to be written in the history of fashion!

The trends though seem to be just as good as the previous fashion week 2022 and showcased a lot of blazers, knitwear, and chunky footwear, with a lot of leather and faux leather, cargo pants, and exquisite coats collection! The Y2K-inspired bags are still in trend which had us very excited and a lot of play with silhouettes that expressed that there’s a piece for every body, shape, and gender out there! The futuristic looks such as Eckhaus Latta’s goopy make-up from the many multiverse collections, the future of fashion looks all about experimentation and elaborate variety in style. But there were also the classics that donned the runways with basic tank tops, t-shirts, trousers, midi skirts, sneakers, and Chelsea boots that assured us that the ageless styles are here forever.

Now, let’s come to the trends and how they can be added to our evolving wardrobes to amplify our style. For example, aesthetics such as how to dress like a New Yorker would include heavy oversized jackets with a turtleneck underneath and some well-tailored leather or faux leather pants with booties for a fall outfit. We saw some intriguing street styles showcased by Loewe that matches the New York style. The fashion week spoke in multi-layers that it’s time for us to embrace ourselves in all our glory and make the impression we deem best with our best foot forward in fashion. And, we are here to help you with some insights on how you can do just that with some of our favorite trends from this season. So, keep reading for a brief idea of the must-haves of this season to look relevant and fashionable.

It is not fall if you haven’t got your coats out yet. Coats are a necessity as the temp lowers and the must-haves for this season seem to be long coats and trench coats. You just cannot ever go wrong with a long coat, of course, as it offers more comfort in the cold but also looks sharp and elegant if you get one that fits right and flatters your body and personal style. We saw many celebrities look absolutely stunning in long coats this season. One of the looks this NYFW that had us gawking was the monochromatic look by Vanessa Hudgens with a long coat that looks cozy but still sharp and chic.

Stephen Lovekin

Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock

Blazers have always been a timeless style, a staple we all have in our closets. Over the years we have witnessed many varied silhouettes and designs in the blazer style. There are fitted, oversized, adorned with different embellishments, and embroideries, short, long, and so many more styles. Today, the outfits with blazers that are popularly seen by many celebrities and otherwise are pairing your favorite blazer with a crop top and flared pants or trousers. A coord suit look is a definite A-game and has been seen on the runways and streets by many.

Liam Black Sock Chunky Chelsea Boots

John Lamparski 2022/Getty Images for NYFW: The Shows

The one must-have this season is some good-fitted flared pants that flatter you and your personality. We have seen on the runways flared pants with ruffles, exaggerated silhouettes, layered, etc, that look absolutely stylish and are a nod to the glamorous 80s fashion. If you are a fashion fanatic and don’t own one of these yet, we suggest you get one asap as they have been noticed to be following on to the coming year as well.

Robert O'Neil

Robert O'Neil / SplashNews.com

Arturo Holmes

Arturo Holmes/Getty Images for NYFW: The Shows

Every single person that is obsessed (or not) with fashion knows about the infamous Prada chunky loafers and Bottega Venetta chunky platform boots. Platform heels and chunky heels are popularly seen around and on runways and seem to be here to stay for a while. So, hop on to the trend wagon already and buy a pair.



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