Summer To Fall: Fashion Travel Guide

Summer To Fall: Fashion Travel Guide

This year has been all things fun with the return of Y2K fashion bringing all the crazy back with it in a more refined way. The bright colors, prints, and eccentric styles have us all intrigued and having the most of our time out of quarantine. And looking at the A/W22 runway seems like we’re taking the summer fun to the fall as well. We see color blocking, corsets, bustiers, full-denim, coords, the hot pink, and such trends continuing onto the upcoming season as well. This gives us the best summer to fall transition outfits as we can use our summer outfits to elevate and transition fashion into autumn wear.

All of our wardrobes include necessary fashion pieces which are timeless staples, such as cardigans, white shirts, tank tops,blazers,trousers, etc. Transitioning from summer to fall mostly includes layering. The colder it gets, the heavier and thicker clothing you layer with. But to stand out, you should be experimental with some of the existing clothing in your closet. To make the process of summer to fall easy for you, we are giving some styling tips that can help you make the most of your existing closet and still look stylish and chic.

Let’s start with some classics. We all own a fitted full sleeves top, a tank top, and some jeans. Early fall has a subtle chill in the air but is still pleasant. Layer the tank top over the full-sleeved top. This is also a good opportunity to play with colors and create a color block effect. Wear your favorite pair of jeans and add on some sneakers If it’s too cold, add a blazer on and switch the sneakers to some booties. You can also add your bandanna as a scarf around your neck for some dramatic effect and voila! An upgrade on some Parisian chic fashion and you’re ready to roll out!

Don’t put those lovely summer dresses in the back just yet, they make a lovely addition to layering an outfit which is chic, lively, and keeps you warm. You can layer your summer dress over a fitted full-sleeve top, add a long jacket to it maybe, and depending on the length of the summer dress, pair it with some boots. The look may be a little heavy but looks chic and lively! It’s sure to make a distinctive impression.

With DIY crochet and knitwear coming back in trend, we all own a piece of crochet clothing, especially a vest which is a staple. To elevate the look for the cold, wear a white shirt (another staple) underneath, and then add a puffer jacket, depending on how low the temperature drops. Add a nice pair of leather pants and you are all set!

Crop tops have been the rag this summer and we all have that one short crop blouse we love, and we have the perfect way for you to incorporate it in your fall/winter outfits. You can wear it underneath a puffer jacket so you give an added element to your fit which also adds some dimension and depth behind your puffer jacket. Jeans can never go wrong in an outfit and mom jeans are the perfect way to bring together this fit. Little booties on the feet to let the puffer jacket and crop top be the hero of the whole outfit, and voila, the fit is perfect for a casual date!

And there you have some outfit inspiration for summer to fall transition fashion! If you are looking for some fun new additions to your wardrobe, head onto London Rag for some fun, trendy, and stylish clothing!