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      Grab ahold of your favourite bottoms, channel your inner dancing queen, and let’s drop it because she had them Apple Bottom Jeans [jeans], boots with the fur [with the fur], the whole club lookin at her. ... The best of the best bottoms for women (it’s the creme de la creme) are here right now! From the vast selection of items, ranging from leggings to skirts to shorts pants for ladies, you can rest assured that you will be turning heads. Read More

      Pants: every girl needs her iconic pair(s) of bottoms to wear for every day, work, and even casual use. As such, pants and leggings for women are classic pieces when it comes to bottoms. Either opt for a formal blouse when you’re heading to work or a simple tee when you’re maxing out your relaxing or a sexy top when you’re getting ready for a night out! Wearing this versatile collection of bottoms will undoubtedly render you desirable by all the fashionistas out there!
      Skirts: let’s truly get in touch with your feminine side by exploring the sexiness of women’s skirts. Effortlessly adding that chicness to your outfit, this is one type of bottoms that will forever remain a girl’s favourite. If you want to dress the look down, simply select a sweater-like hoodie or a casual graphic tee. But if you want to emphasise the feistiness, grab an alluring top with some strappy heels and you’re good to go. Feel free to accessorize and accentuate a skirt’s sweet, sophisticated and sexy look!
      Shorts: since we’re in the arena of something hot and feisty, we cannot go without mentioning the iconic, fabulous pairs of shorts! Although women’s denim shorts have been deemed the official hot girl summer look, London Rag’s shorts are guaranteed to be timeless pieces that catch eyes all year-’round. Whether it’s the classic biker shorts paired with an oversized tee, the two-piece shorts set finished with some sexy boots, or the leather shorts glamming you up for a scandalous night, we’ve got the ultimate women’s bottoms for you to slip into, comfortably and stylishly.
      Women’s bottoms are the foundation for a show-stopping look. So, while you browse through our versatile selection of clothes below, get inspired and let your identity shine through by adding your own unique style! Read Less
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      Bottoms can make or break an outfit. It helps balance out your outfit and has the most impact on the eye. There is an array of varied styles, designs, and types of bottom wear and each one has a unique aesthetic. We're way past the days of plain blue denim jeans and black leggings. Humans as species have broadened their views on fashion and evolved into many kinds of different designs, patterns, and silhouettes. We now have varied styles within styles that create more diversity and options in the particular genre of clothing that caters to everyone's needs and wants. We see palazzo pants, jeans, trousers, long skirts, shorts skirts, skorts, and many other bottoms wear types that will leave your head spinning. You can style them with varied tops or tank tops or basic top wear like cami tops, basic tshirts, or plain shirts to really let your bottoms to be the hero of your outfits.