Fashion trends that will take over 2023!

Fashion Trends

It may be the beginning of a new year, but the spring 2023 fashion trends are already upon us. Elevated everyday dressing, high-octane sequins, everything, and anything in between—the latest collections to come from fashion’s heavy hitters and emerging stars, run the full gamut. With spring around the corner, it's time to discover the fashion trends of 2023. Getting ahead of the game never hurt anyone, so what’s better than planning our New Year wardrobe?

This year, trends are taking a turn for utilitarian with cargo pants, denim, and wearable silhouettes, all endorsed by spring 2023 shows. In terms of color, 2023 may finally wave trendy hot pink goodbye, making way for new, exciting hues, though don't expect it to be all about Pantone's color of the year Viva Magenta. Although designers aren't governed by anything, in particular, there are often cross-over threads between collections, thanks to external influences that gently and independently impact styles. And while trends are changing quite drastically every six months, we're seeing a number of big fashion trends 2022 sticking around and being developed, extended, and updated for the fashion trends 2023 this spring, with silhouettes and colors that have been a roaring success, set to still have a spot in your wardrobe for the foreseeable. At London Rag we have got you some trends that will define 2023 in fashion.


Utilitarian wear is in for 2023, which sets the stage for the return of the cargo pant. But these aren't the shapeless, low-rise pants of the Y2K era. For spring, this trend is translated into tailored silhouettes, interesting pocket placements, elevated fabrics like faux leather and colors that go beyond khaki and olive making it the perfect comfort fashion trend.


From double waisted jeans to carpenter jeans, it's been a while since we were this excited about denim trends. It seems like even the most luxe runway designers agree, sending out strapless dresses, shirting, and even undergarments and shoes (denim thigh-high boots anyone?) in the material. Whatever category you decide on, opt for timeless cuts and silhouettes that can stay in your closet rotation once the novelty wears off.

Maxi Skirts

In response to the ultra-unpractical miniskirts of 2022, maxi skirts are here to dominate the year. In line with the aforementioned cargo and denim trends, expect lots of low-rise, floor-grazing skirts, as well as styles in various prints and unexpected materials like satin making it a perfect luxury fashion fit.


The amount of shine on the 2023 runways would make you think we are back in the Roaring '20s. Sequins are making a case for "daytime shine" – wearable separates that can spice up even the most basic staples like blue jeans. While this trend comes in all shades (gold, bronze, rose gold etc.), we are partial to the black look.


The most feminine trend we spotted, ruffles big and small made themselves known sashaying down at numerous runways. Signalling a return to glamour for both evening and day dressing, volume continued to play a big role in how designers interpreted clothing for 2023. A trend that has been front and center for the past few seasons, from big skirts to dresses, the explosion of ruffles feels like an extension of a desire to be more present and noticeable, in other words, it's time to let your style shine.


Florals are the go to print for the spring and summer season, often popular for wedding guest dresses and nailing what to wear to a wedding. Offering timeless femininity, the bolder palettes give a nod to the dopamine dressing trend that dominated last year, giving mood-boosting color at every opportunity. A safe bet, florals are always worth the investment, as it's a look that will never go out of style.

Bow Detail

When it comes to bows for spring/summer 2023 - the bigger, the better. As with florals, bows are a steady trend for warmer months, thanks to their femininity and naturally romantic feel, making them ideal for modest fashion and special occasion wear.

Leather Looks

Leather items are often considered vintage style, and for 2023 leather goods in particular, have seen a sharp rise in popularity. From the best leather jackets, to nailing how to style a leather skirt - these are the building block pieces to invest in for a minimalist capsule wardrobe for this season and to wear for years to come. An unusual hit for spring/summer, we saw leather skirts, take to the runway.

In short, this year will be all about expressing your individualism and decking yourself out with everything and anything—even if society thinks it’s all a bit too much. But that’s the fun of fashion, it can be whatever you want it to be.