5 Stylish Outfit Ideas for Your Next Brunch Date

5 Stylish Outfit Ideas for Your Next Brunch Date

One of our favorite things about spring and summer is brunch. Yes, soaking in the sun in a relaxed atmosphere with delicious food and some daytime cocktails. Gathered around with your loved ones and enjoying the easy breezy weather. Ahhh, we absolutely love the coming season, but our favorite part of brunch outings is the outfits that are all about being casual comfort chic. But the one thing we’ve realized is that the outfits vary from region to region, which is why we have a variety of 5 different stylish but casual brunch outfit ideas that are sure to beat your date night outfits and definitely make you fall in love with spring and summer all over again.

We know, it’s the color may be mainstream but the fit sure isn’t! We love a good neutral look, especially with a hint of 70s and Y2K, which looks fun yet casual! The collared dress fits like a glove and is comfortable and breezy. With ankle boots raging this year, these with the pointed heels are chic and look charming paired with the dress, giving that alluring yet casual fun look. The bag definitely is the accent element of the ensemble with the classic and quirky leopard print that just pops out. What’s a spring/summer brunch without sunglasses! The thin rim glasses just fit right in with the outfit and look uber cool! And there you have a warm, elegant yet charming brunch fit that’s all about comfort but also looks fashionable af!

We all love a good neon moment, and the shoes sure are the star of this outfit. The beautiful and dainty lace detail on the top is perfect for a light, summer brunch while the flared pants give the look a bit of boldness and structure which looks sophisticated and chic. The black bag just brings it all together with its versatility and easy structure. The overall outfit is a boss baby on her day off just relaxing but still looking powerful and fashionable. The heeled pump shoes give the outfit a pop that is intriguing and quirky. One of the cute brunch outfits, the fit is also modest yet has an underlying allure in its simplicity.

A skirt is always a go-to for casual brunch outfit ideas! The flowy and flirty cut of the wrap maxi skirt is just ravishing and stunning, and paired with the one shoulder top really lets the skirt have its moment while still looking sexy on the top. The baguette is convenient and also eccentric with the half chain handle. You can never go wrong with these slip on mules. The croc print looks rich and chic and gives some depth to the outfit with its dark nature. And well, the sunglasses are just the cherry on top of this luxe yet cute brunch outfit!

If you’re someone who doesn’t shy away from being bright and bold in your vogue choices, this fit is the right fit for you! The yellow is eye catchy but still subtle being in small elements. The dress is flowy and sexy with dainty florets all over. The perfect summer dress you could possibly own. The yellow fits right into the summer vibe and the braided sandals are so pretty and give off a rather charming aesthetic. The mini bag just comes around in a circle with the outfit, pairing just right with the high heeled sandals. The marble patterned watch is an ageless style and looks chic paired with the beautiful mini dress. The whole outfit gives off a sweet charming feel which is perfect for a brunch outing and fits perfectly with the easy atmosphere.

This one’s for all the baddies who just can’t deal with color regardless of the weather. But here we’re bringing in some fun with the fit to blend well with the brunch outfits. Now, we know black is usually preferred to a date night or rather date night outfits with its bold and sexy starkness, but paired here with the casual but quirky blue jeans, just feels right with the contrasting factor. It’s always that one element that can alter the whole aesthetic of an outfit, and the jeans here are doing just that. The sneakers are casual, and comfortable, yet look extremely stylish with the chunky soles. The slim sunglasses are chic and the wrap top is just tasteful and comfortable. The bag is convenient and pairs well with sneakers and jeans. Brunch doesn’t always have to be OTT for everyone, so all the cool kids with a simpler style can also fit right at brunch by just switching a couple of elements in their outfits and look uber cool!

And there you have some trendy and tasty fits that are sure to make your spring/summer brunch interesting and fun! For more cool and chic styles, head to londonrag.com for more options and variety!