Dress Your Aesthetic With London Rag

Dress Your Aesthetic With London Rag

Fashion is always evolving, resurging, and redefining, just like life. And fashion is a core part of our life as it depicts our constant changes, preferences, likings, and most times, even our personality. And in today’s rapidly changing social media trends and styles, we are seeing a lot of repetition of the past aesthetics that are now trending. Current situations are similar to what we have experienced in the past; therefore, we see the trends and aesthetics of the time come back in a more refined and evolved manner.

But the one thing that does not pace is our moods and personal preferences. Though they slowly evolve with our age and experiences, the way we showcase our changes is most of the time directly connected to our fashion choices. On the days when we are the happiest and most relaxed, we lean toward light and bright clothes, on the days when we want to present ourselves seriously and look bold and confident, we lean towards darker, sharper, and more structured clothing. While many do this almost unconsciously, these depict our personality or rather moods through our fashion.

We even see designers showcasing either general current issues or their personal journey through their fashion which makes it relatable. The season relates the clothes to the weather and how we feel during the weather and the clothes depict the aesthetic of these directly in their fashion. We have also witnessed this in many films and through personal experiences about how we dress in a dull manner like gothic on the days we are sad we lean towards a more light academia vibes, and dress more brightly and heavily like the Y2K era when we are happy. And this is what makes our fashion aesthetic.

Following are some of the aesthetics that we see frequently and could help revamp or add to your wardrobe!

Art Hoe

Art hoe is an aesthetic that was popularized on Tumblr. It revolves around all things artsy like nature, paintings, and flowers, in a fun and artistic way. The fashion aesthetic mostly includes floral prints, pleated skirts, plaid prints, color blocking, etc. Here, we’re pairing a cute collared top with some mom jeans and cute sneakers. The floral print on the top and the sneakers give nature artsy vibes while the ripped mom jeans give a bit of raggedy but cool feel. The whole outfit is chic, and fun and depicts the art hoe aesthetic


The bohemian aesthetic is often misunderstood to be related to dreamcatchers and the aesthetics around it while in reality, it’s more towards vintage and hippie vibes. The clothes are made of threadbare fabrics and visually are colorful and bright. There are dark prints and crochet clothing and accessories involved too. We’ve got some floral printed patchwork pants here with asymmetrical hemlines in neutral shades which give off a vintage look. The plain tank top balances out the printed pants and the small round clutch bag is also very “boho chic”.

Dark Academia

The dark academia aesthetic is dark, a little form, focused on dark neutrals. The feels are old vintage European elite which is luxurious, rich, and a hint of gothic and mysteriosity. We see a lot of plaids, corsets, trousers, and some masculine structures as well. If you’re looking for a sophisticated, dark academia outfit, we have a corset blazer wish is an amalgam of sultry and sophistication. Paired it with some brown pointed croc boots, a brown turtleneck that peaks out of the jacket, and some basic black trousers. The tweed bag is a nice touch of print to the fit and breaks the plain monotony. The fit is chic, sexy, and rich with an amalgam of colors and design.

Light Academia

The light academia is almost the opposite of dark academia, which is soft, elegant, light, but still sophisticated. The light academia aesthetic also has plaids, but is more light artistic and focuses on the palest of pastels in terms of colors too. Here we’ve paired a beige blazer with a pale brown tank top underneath and plaid shorts with a belt. The beige croc heel slip on adds some soft texture and so does the tapestry-painted bag. The aesthetic is almost ethereal but also woodsy and cozy.


The dreamy aesthetic is surreal, soft, almost angelic, and light. It usually includes elements like clouds, water, poetry, the sky, soft abstract imagery, fluorescent vibes, etc. The clothes often include laces, ruffles, silk and satin, light sheer fabrics, etc. The colors are mostly pastels and white with a bit of shimmer. A dreamy outfit for us is this beautiful mini dress with tiny floral print all over. The flare and strapless design makes it dreamy and chic. The strappy sandals are a yummy pink which pair well with the simplicity of the mini dress. The little clip and fluffy bag are a touch of subtle bling and softness that adds on some dreaminess.

French Girl

The French girl aesthetic is all about looking effortlessly stylish and polished. It’s mostly minimal and does not exaggerate unwanted elements in an outfit. It’s the art of dressing minimally but still making a distinctive impression. We’re dressing this outfit with puffy sleeves, the oversized black mini dress is easy breezy and light. The stiletto boots add some structure to the fit along with the asymmetrical flap bag. The fit is chic and with red lipstick and tinted thin rim glasses added to it, it all looks very stylish.