Our Story

London Rag Origin Story

London Rag is deeply inspired by the beauty of the fashion culture in London and exhibits its essence in our clothing, accessories, and footwear. We aim to deliver quality and believe in catering to the wants of our audience by designing and producing fashion that is trending and suffices everyone’s preferences. We also want to spread the diverse fashion from different regions to the parts where there is a lack of access to particular styles.

Our founder understood the need to bring fashion to every region and spread different designs, styles, and trends to every part of the world. This is how London Rag came to be. Our focus will always be to bring the best to the table so that you always feel, confident, beautiful, and yourself in our products. This is why London Rag has an array of varied designs in shoes, dresses, bags, and much more to choose from, and we deliver worldwide! .


While trends come and go and fashion is ever-changing, one thing that's remained the same throughout the years is that London famously carries the style of the upper class, influenced by English royalty and leads the way in smart sharp tailoring, shoe making and fine hand-crafting. So 網上選購LONDON RAG is a online store where our products, they are curated with an aesthetics and fondness towards the ever stylish & chic London fashion.

What is our mission?

Our purpose is to offer tasteful, edgy and feminine style with a vision to make it affordable and accessible to all the fashionistas out there. Our team spends countless hours designing & curating our catalogue - which means you never need to think twice about your styles when you own one of our pieces.